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GeoAfrica Objectives

GEOAFRICA2017 aims to promote and strengthen cooperation between African and international professionals in the field of geosynthetics. Indeed, this conference is an opportunity to exchange experiences and apply information on geosynthetics to the African context. Africa is particularly characterized by water scarcity, lack of noble material, inadequate infrastructure, and flooding. The use of geosynthetics in Africa is a very effective way to respond to these various problems.

GENERAL THEME: "Geosynthetics and sustainable development"
Authors are invited to submit technical work and case studies related to all geosynthetic products, addressing the development of standards, specifications and applications including but not limited to:

  • Use in hydraulic structures
  • Use in infrastructure projects
  • Use in agricultural projects
  • Waste Management
  • Coastal Protection
  • Soil Reinforcement
  • Environmental protection

GeoAfrica History

  1. GeoAfrica 2009 : The First African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics

    The Geosynthetics Interest Group of South Africa (GIGSA), under the auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), will host the first regional conference in Africa on geosynthetics. The theme for the event is “Geosynthetics for Africa.” The conference will include an exhibition for the specification and trade of geosynthetics for users in Africa and for those interested in an entry into the continent. Details are forthcoming. The initial conference announcement flyer may be downloaded here.

    This conference will bring together experts from the global geosynthetics industry and present a healthy exchange of views, representing a concentration of knowledge and experience. A series of plenary and parallel technical sessions will be scheduled throughout the three day conference. The event also has an exhibition area.

  2. GeoAfrica 2013 : The Second African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics

    This event marked the 2nd African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics, held under the auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).Minerva, through its Geosynthetica.net publishing personnel and brand, produced the conference proceedings. More than 80 papers were included. Minerva provided a common PDF format from various word processing documents, created the digital proceedings, and arranged for CD duplication and distribution at the event with a partner in Africa.Begin Sidebar

      • Geosynthetics for sustainable development in Africa
      • Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah
      • Geosynthetics in mining
      • Malek Bouazza
      • Geosynthetics in pavement reinforcement and road rehabilitation
      • Alan Parrock

    With more than 70 papers from around the world to be presented and a sold out exhibit hall, the conference will off a number of exceptional, international knowledge transfer and professional networking opportunities. Highlights include technical lectures and sessions on:

    • Geosynthetics in landfills, retaining structures, and roadways (Neil Dixon, Chungsik Yoo, and Jorge Zornberg, November 18)
    • Geosynthetics and quality control in mining (Russell Jones, Peter Legg, and Sam Allen, November 18)
    • A special session on geosynthetics in innovative mining solutions (November 19)
    • Landfills in developing countries (November 19)
    • Roads on challenging subgrades (November 20) And seven other sessions
  3. GeoAfrica 2017 : 3rd African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics

    The Organizing Committee would like to thank you for taking the time to consider participating in GeoAfrica 2017, the 3rd african Conference on Geosynthetics — Hosted IGS Moroccan Chapter .

    A Rich History: The previous editions of GeoAfrica featured a vibrant influx of attendees from throughout the Africa, eager to exchange knowledge, and do business. It is an engineering event like no other—one that needs to be experienced.

    Fantastic Location: Conference participants will be drawn from all Africans countries. It is no coincidence that we have selected a conference location in Marrakech. Serviced by the international airport. The conference and accommodations are all in one place for easy access to sessions and great networking.

    You can enjoy your stay in Marrakech to discover the city that offers many opportunities for visits.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Marrakech soon. We have a few things to mention as you prepare for your trip.